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Classic Race Bikes: Owning a Piece of Racing History

Classic Race Bikes


Specialists Grand Prix Motorbikes.

In the world of motorsports, few things are as evocative as classic race bikes. These machines are not just vehicles; they are storied artifacts, each bearing tales of circuits raced, rivals bested, and trophies won. Owning a classic race bike isn’t merely about having a piece of machinery. It’s about inheriting a legacy, cherishing a chapter from the illustrious annals of racing history.

Revered Relics of Racing

Every classic race bike has a unique narrative, a set of races it has seen, and a roster of riders who have throttled it. Take, for instance, the Norton Manx 30M 1962, a motorcycle that personifies classic British engineering and racing legacy. Or the Yamaha TR3 525 1972, representing Japanese racing excellence from a bygone era. The passionate thump of the Ducati CORSA 450 1974 and the sleek lines of the Bultaco TSS 250 1965 are akin to traveling back in time, to races under the sun, and cheers from an enthralled audience.

Yet, the list does not end here. We’ve also curated rare gems like the Aermacchi Ala d’Oro 1968, BMW RS500 1974, and the exclusive Ducati TT2 1983, each echoing tales from their time on the track.

A Living, Breathing History

It’s essential to acknowledge that these aren’t just static showpieces; they’re dynamic, functional reminders of a time when racing was nascent, raw, and filled with passion. The Gilera Saturno 1989, for instance, still holds the same allure it did decades ago. The Parilla 250 Race Bike 1959 is not merely metal and rubber; it’s a confluence of dreams, engineering, and competition.

Ever-Evolving Collection

At GPMotorbikes, our inventory is as dynamic as the races these bikes once dominated. While we currently offer classics like the IZH Jupiter 1975 and Ossa 250 SPORT 1979, our collection is constantly evolving. We’re always on the lookout, sourcing, restoring, and making available racing relics for enthusiasts and collectors. It’s a constantly revolving door of history, and for those keen on owning a piece, vigilance is key.

One day, it might be the iconic Honda RS250 for Sale that catches your eye. Another day, it could be the legendary Suzuki TR750 for Sale. For those seeking bikes with a legacy of Grand Prix championships, our Ex-factory Race Bikes for Sale is a treasure trove waiting to be explored.


Classic race bikes are much more than two-wheelers; they’re time machines, transporting you to a golden age of motorsport. And at GPMotorbikes, we are both curators and custodians, ensuring that the rich history of these legendary machines lives on. For those looking to own a tangible piece of racing’s illustrious past, the journey starts here. Stay attentive, for history has a habit of zooming by rather quickly.