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9495AMATUMOTO.COM GRAND PRIX MOTORBIKES STORE offer many services in the world of competition. One of our most requested services is the Racing Service by Amatumoto Garage.
This service  are managed  by engineers and mechanics of the World Championship MOTOGP.
We work for professional teams, amateur teams, collectors, etc.

 Racing Service for teams and particulars:

• Maintenance and development of engines Moto2, Moto3 (Honda & KTM), Premoto3, SBK, CEV, Endurance.
• Restorations, maintenance and preparations GP motorcycles, road classic.

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vip okFINALFeel like as a rider of Grand Prix ??  You want to drive a bike of World Championship?

Amatumoto gives you the possibility to test a racing motorcycle.

This service is ideal gift for VIP, great companies or motorcycle enthusiasts.


You are an amateur rider and you need learn or set up your bike??TRAINING

AMATUMOTO offers the service of Training Trackday.

This service are managed by engineers and mechanics of the World Championship MOTOGP.

We can organize a trackday for you, but for give you an offer i need to know: 



Managing sales for Racing Teams and collectors:

• Motorcycles
• New and used spare parts for competition.
• Motorsport equipment
• Trailers
• Others

Why and How Amatumoto?

When the time comes to sell your exclusive bike, it deserves high quality marketing. Choose Amatumoto Grand Prix Motorbikes Store and let our proven sales program work for you. Start the consignment process by completing our convenient on-line form or contact us by email.

The sales service not only pertains to the bikes we have in our stock, but to the bikes consigned by our discerning sellers/customers. Amatumoto has designed a marketing strategy that allows both high-end buyers and sellers to benefit from our program and this is reflected in a very successful sale-rate. Your consigned bike/part will be kept in our workshop if you want or you can return to your home when we make a photo detail shoot. In our workshop your vehicle will be kept in prestige condition as it is viewed by potential buyers online and in person. Report on it!




It is a simple and effective way for sell your motorcycle, spare parts or technical equipment. You will not have to worry about managing your ads, answering emails, manage shipping, etc. Our company will manage the sale of your product from start to finish. This is the option that hires most of our customers, whether professional race teams or private collectors.

Advantages >>

  • Consignment of your bike on our stock with insurance (optional)
  • Publication of your article on specialized websites.
  • Sales Management from start to finish.
  • Management of transport if is necessary.
  • Answers to all emails and phone calls requesting information.
  • Option to hire our service "Racing Service".
  • Statistics Report.
  • Counselling current market price.
  • Advertising in associated websites and corresponding management.
  • Mailing to our network of potential customers.
  • Ability to expose his motorcycle in fairs and events that we attend.
  • Management the sale of his motorcycle on social networks.
  • Managing sale with our dealers.
  • Reports generated in real time deals.
  • Tax information and advice from tax expenditures.
  • Transfer Management motorcycles, drafting contracts, DUA, etc.
  • Confidentiality, seriousness and trust during the managing for maintain the good image of the Team and Sponsors. (Very important)
  • Many other complementary services

2 years / renewable.

Detailed information on the product, HD good quality photos, documents authorizing sales management, customer information, bike status, other. Our company arrange all totally free in our workshop.



You're thinking of show the image of your company in a race bike?SPOT

You're a director or producer of advertisements, TV spots or Movies?

AMATUMOTO GRAND PRIX MOTORBIKES STORE have several models of motorcycles and specialized drivers that help you film the movie you've always wanted.