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H1 500


Kawasaki H1 500 1971

Stock # AMGP698

Private Party

Engine Kawasaki

2Strokes – 174 KG


Top seller! Bought a GP moto2 front wheel in perfect condition and very fast shipping to the netherlands! Will do business again in the future.

Private Party

Engine Kawasaki

2Strokes – 174 KG

23.200 Km

60 hp - 498 cm3


Telescopic Fork



1971 Kawasaki

H1 500

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Information & Specifications


The Akashi manufacturer presented the Kawasaki H1 Match III in 1969, a very important motorcycle for this age thanks to the three-cylinder 500 cm3 two-stroke engine.

At that time, the United States was the largest motorcycle market in the world, and the consumers of those times demanded one thing mainly: more power. And there was Kawasaki to bring the answer. The Kawasaki H1 Match III came to be the successor of the Kawasaki W2, the only motorcycle that the green manufacturer sold in the USA with a four-stroke engine and that had not just started in sales, despite the fact that in its Japan it was sold a lot.

It was clear that Kawa needed something with more punch for the American buyer and they came up with a new bike with a 500 2T engine as the main claim. A mechanic that delivered 60 hp at 7,500 laps and a torque of 56 Nm at 7,000 rpm thanks to its bank of three 28 mm Mikuni carburettors. With its 5-ratio gearbox, it was capable of reaching a top speed of 200 km/h.

It had some technical innovations for the time, such as the CDI ignition, which avoided the cumbersome points and all the maintenance associated with them. Where it was not so advanced was in the start-up, since the bike started with cam.

The power was not much higher than the 53 CV that its 4T predecessor delivered, but only because of the touch, the rage and the acceleration of the 2T mechanics, that extra sensation and reprise that was being sought was achieved.

In terms of suspension, it had the classic telescopic fork on the front axle and a pair of shock absorbers at the rear. Simple components and modest performance.

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Detailed Technical Information

More about this bike: The bike was stopped some years in a particular garage and needed be serviced. The last owner bought this bike in UK and do a complete restoration of rolling chassis and engine. Currently is fully restored and ready for the road. We deliver the bike only with bill of sale – is not registered/no plate in Europe –

Extra parts included with the bike

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