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Condition: New

Engine Gilera

44 hp – 7000 RPM

4Strokes – 157 KG




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Auction ends: Oct 6, 2023

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Condition: New

Engine Gilera

44 hp – 7000 RPM

4Strokes – 157 KG


Neil S

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1989 Gilera


Auction Ended

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44 hp - 492 cm3




Information & Specifications

  • Gilera Saturno Bialbero 1989
  • Engine: Gilera
  • Suspension: Marzocchi
  • Brakes: Brembo
  • Wheels: Original 17″
  • ECU: –
  • Exhaust: Corse Megaphone
  • Availability: Immediately in our store of Barcelona (Spain)


Gilera Saturno 1989 in good condition and ready to run.

The Gilera Nuovo Saturno came and went in a flash, having all but disappeared some four years after it was first seen. They are still around however, and going strong with a loyal fan base too.

The Gilera Nuovo Saturno originally existed purely to satisfy the Japanese motorcyclist love affair with the small capacity, pared down sports machine. The name was chosen as the original Saturno of the 40s and 50s was the sporty machine to have, being fast and lithe, and effective on both the track and the open road.

Gilera Nuovo SaturnoThe heart of the Saturno is hard to pin down as its all so good, the Marzocchi forks and rear suspension are simple in design, but work so well within the whole concept, while the basic frame design in turn compliments the compact engine. The engine in turn is a work of art with mild manners and an ease of use rarely found in machines originating from Europe. It starts at the first press of the button making the kick start largely redundant and quickly settles into a smooth booming tick over, there is almost as much noise being generated by the 40mm Dell’Orto carburettor as there is the exhaust end can such is the amount of air that is being sucked in to feed this hungry engine.

Simply by owning a Gilera Saturno, you will have joined a small and unique band of riders and will, for certain, have plenty to talk about to other bikers whenever you stop for a breather. Bike nights will never be the same again as folk wonder what on earth it is you are riding and most will have it down as some sort of home built special.

Gilera Nuovo Saturno Bialbero 500The engine is rev happy for a single, the internal balancing allowing the throttle to be used with gusto although it does get a little buzzy as the tacho needle sweeps away the dust for the upper reaches of its travel. This buzz is made worse by the lack of footrest rubbers and the like, but it does serve to keep the rider involved in the whole process and saves a look at the tacho to see where the revs are before a gear change.

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Detailed Technical Information

  • Frame (VIN): Gilera Saturno Bialbero 1989
  • Engine: Gilera
    • Engine number: –
    • Current Mileage: n/a Km
    • Last Service: 1.800 Km
    • Clutch: Wet
    • Radiator: –
    • Exhaust: Corse Megaphone
  • Suspension & Wheels
    • Front fork: Marzocchi
    • Rear shock: Marzocchi
    • Steering damper: –
    • Front wheel: Original 17″
    • Rear wheel: Original 17″
  • Brakes
    • Front Brake Master Cyl.: n/a
    • Rear Brake Master Cyl.: n/a
    • Front Brake Caliper/s: Brembo
    • Rear Brake Caliper: Brembo
    • Front Brake Disk/s: n/a
    • Rear Brake Disk: n/a
  • Electrical & Wiring System
    • ECU: –
    • Data Acquisition: –

More about this bike:Bike in good condition by the age and working.

Extra parts included with the bike

– No


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